Administrative & legal assistant

Yaoundé, Cameroon

As a Legal & Administrative Assistant at ENIX, you will contribute to the efficient functioning of the organization by providing support in legal matters and general administrative tasks. Your role involves handling legal documentation, ensuring compliance, and assisting in day-to-day administrative operations. Join us in maintaining legal integrity and administrative excellence at ENIX.

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  • Legal Documentation: Draft, review, and manage legal documents, contracts, and agreements.
  • Compliance Monitoring: Ensure adherence to legal and regulatory requirements, both internally and externally.
  • Research: Conduct legal research to support decision-making and compliance efforts.
  • Contract Management: Assist in the management of contracts, including tracking deadlines and renewals.
  • Dispute Resolution: Support in handling legal disputes and coordinating resolution efforts.
  • Office Management: Handle day-to-day administrative tasks to ensure a smooth and efficient office operation.
  • Documentation: Manage and organize legal and administrative documents.
  • Communication: Assist in internal and external communication, including handling emails and phone calls.
  • Calendar Management: Support in scheduling legal meetings, appointments, and maintaining calendars.

Required Skills

  • Legal Knowledge: Basic understanding of legal principles and practices.
  • Document Management: Ability to organize and manage legal and administrative documents.
  • Administrative Skills: Strong organizational and administrative skills.
  • Communication: Effective communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Attention to Detail: High level of accuracy and attention to detail.

Nice to Have

  • Legal Background: Background in law or legal studies (Bac + 3)
  • Experience in Contract Management: Familiarity with contract management processes.

What's Great About the Role ?

  • Diverse Responsibilities: Engage in both legal and administrative tasks, gaining a broad skill set.
  • Contribution to Legal Integrity: Play a crucial role in maintaining legal compliance and integrity at ENIX.
  • Professional Growth: Opportunities for learning and development in the areas of law and administration
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