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ENIX: Your Trusted Cybersecurity Partner for Businesses, Defense, and Governments

At ENIX, we redefine cybersecurity excellence for businesses, defense, and governments. More than a company, we are a passionate community dedicated to fortifying digital resilience. 

Explore our cutting-edge solutions tailored for businesses, collaborate with defense and security forces, and empower governments with robust cybersecurity strategies. 

Together, let's safeguard the digital future of enterprises, protect national interests, and ensure government resilience in an ever-evolving cyber landscape.

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MSSP (Managed Security Services Provider)

Outsourced security services including black box and white box security testing, security audits, governance, solution integration, cybersecurity consulting, and incident management.


Specialized solution for digital forensics and electronic evidence collection, aiding in cybercrime investigations, data breach analysis, and legal proceedings.

Women CyberGo

An initiative promoting diversity in cybersecurity through events and programs focused on women in the field.

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Technical Support

Expert technical support services ensuring optimal functionality, troubleshooting, and assistance for ENIX's cybersecurity solutions

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SOC-X : Continuous Vigilance, Proactive Defense 

Offering 24/7 monitoring, advanced threat detection, and incident response, SOC-X empowers your security beyond boundaries, ensuring a proactive defense against evolving cyber threats

Secure Tomorrow's Peace with Defense-X Today

Defense-X is your dedicated cybersecurity solution for national defense and security agencies. With a focus on strategic defense and tactical excellence, we safeguard nations with unmatched expertise

Innovate. Evaluate. Elevate with Labs-X

We go beyond innovation, helping you build and optimize security laboratories for investigation, red team operation, and more. Empower your security strategy with cutting-edge research and tailored solutions.

Empowering Cybersecurity & Cyberdefense Professionals - Knowledge, Skills, and Certification

At Academie ENIX, we go beyond the ordinary, offering specialized training in rare and complex cybersecurity & cyberdefense skills. Elevate your expertise with our comprehensive programs, designed to equip you with the knowledge needed to tackle the most intricate challenges in the cybersecurity landscape.

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At ENIX, we believe in forging strategic alliances that transcend boundaries. Whether you're a reseller seeking innovative cybersecurity solutions or a technical partner looking to collaborate on cutting-edge projects, join us in shaping the future of cybersecurity. Let's build a resilient digital world together!